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Snark Health is the next generation of healthcare built around the Doctor-Patient relationship. We help patients improve their access to healthcare and lower their cost of care. We help doctors make more money. We do this through “data as a common resource” using blockchain technology and a trusted payment network, without the need for governmental or commercial healthcare insurance.


The purpose of the Snark Health Developer program is to help developers get involved in creating the future of health through building solutions that have a positive impact on patients, doctors and nurses. Our goal is to improve the quality of care and enhance the patient, doctor and nurse experience. We believe that as a result of our collective efforts, we will also be able to lower the costs of care, improve access and serve more patients. In the spirit of decentralization, developers are a core component of the Snark Health community. Developers are positioned to help drive community participation, enhance diversity, increase efficiency and promote peace.

Why Join? Benefits

Learn from other peers

Since we are building something that hasn’t been done before, you will gain experience and learn valuable lessons on this journey as you work & interact with other developers


Occassionaly, be part of or lead creative ideas brainstorming sessions

Earn money

An opportunity to earn money from dividends.

what does it take? eligibility

A. Kenyan Resident 100%

B. 18 years or older 100%

C. Commitment to privacy 100%

D. Ability to tolerate and thrive in uncertainty 100%

E. No criminal record 100%

apply today application process

  1. Complete online application
  2. If invited to an interview, you will receive details on how to schedule an interview using If the interview is virtual, it will be conducted via Zoom.
  3. Interview (face to face or virtual)
  4. If accepted as a Developer, sign “Developer Contract” and then set up a meeting to plan the next steps.
  5. Why is there an application process? Since we are building something that hasn’t been done before, we believe in the initial stages it is important that we start with a small group of dedicated and talented people who will help build a strong foundation and have the opportunity to impact the future direction of the Snark Health Developer Community. Our ultimate goal is a decentralized community of developers.
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